The Short Version.
I’m a twenty seven year old actor, writer, musician etc. , with anxiety and a whole host of other illnesses. After spending over a year seeing various doctors, trying various medications, and binge watching various shows, I’m working to get back to my life.


The Slightly Longer Story.
In late 2014, after struggling with anxiety since I was 16 and trying various treatments, I was prescribed the anti-depressant Fluoxetine. I had a pretty severe reaction to it, spending most of the first few months unable to leave the sofa. At some point I was put on Propranolol to combat the side effects, which, after some even nastier side effects, was replaced with Pregablin. After walking into a few hedges and cackling at nothing, that was quickly abandoned.
In late 2015, I moved to Liverpool with my parents, where I’ve been advised to come off of the medication completely, and see where to go from there.

I’m more than the illness, of course. I bloody hope I am anyway. I’m an actor, I’m a musician, a writer, and your run of the mill twenty something struggling with my identity in a new city. I try to write about these experiences, with and without the context of mental illness, and hopefully give an honest picture of where I am.

Expect some rants.



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